What is Piloterr?

Piloterr is the low cost, high performance web scraping API to effortlessly power your apps and services.


Piloterr is a pay as you go solution. Pay as you go pricing for a SaaS solution means that the customer pays for the service on a monthly or annual basis, based on their usage. This can be a flexible and cost-effective option for businesses, as they only pay for what they use and can adjust their subscription level up or down as their needs change. With this type of pricing model, the customer is typically charged a set fee for each unit of the service they consume such as the number of requests. The total cost will depend on the customer's usage during the billing period, and will be reflected on their monthly or annual invoice. This type of pricing is often referred to as "consumption-based" or "usage-based" pricing.

How it works

Piloterr executes search requests in real time returning clean, structured JSON, HTML, or CSV results. You can achieve fine-grained control over your search query using the search parameters.

We respect your privacy.

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